black and white self portrait of Maryland Birth Photographer

Hey, I'm Melissa.

Your Maryland Birth Photographer

-serving maryland, northern virginia, & the greater DC area-

Thank you so much for considering me to capture these special moments in your lives. I’m a married mother of two, originally from Northern New Jersey, currently living in Southern Maryland. I love coffee (lots!), cursing, sweatpants, all things New Jersey, heavy metal, & plants. I’m probably watching Friends or The Sopranos right now.  I’m most definitely thinking about food.

My photography journey began a few years ago in a vastly different subject-  Live Music. I started documenting the DC/Baltimore metal scene because I’ve always been drawn to the chaotic energy that comes from the stage. Capturing that intensity in a photo was something that I found profoundly challenging yet fulfilling. (You can see some of that work HERE). 

I began to seek out other subjects of power and emotion which ultimately led me to the birthspace.   It is a deep honor being invited to witness such a sacred and transformational event.   I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else.  

So here we are. Thank you so much for stopping by. I look forward to meeting you.