In Home Newborn Session | Twelve Days Postpartum

Postpartum.   The Fourth Trimester.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to catch an in-home newborn session.  There’s something I love so much about this time & something I love even more about being able to capture these moments in their own spaces.   Parents, baby, & siblings are navigating a new normal.  Everyone is just trying to figure each other out.   I remember my own postpartum journey was pretty chaotic & emotional but also there are moments of stillness and peace.

It’s those little moments I love capturing the most.   The little yawns, the nursing, the adoration of the little fingers, ears, 7 toes…

Baby L was 12 days old during this session, the youngest of four.    There was so much joy surrounding her, from her parents and her adoring siblings.

Take a minute to look through some of my favorite photos from their newborn session in La Plata, Maryland.

black and white photo of newborn baby's ear taken during a baby photography session in Maryland color photo of yawning newborn baby girl being held by her mother taken during a baby photography session in La Plata, Maryland color photo of newborn baby girl being breastfed by her mother while her bigger sister looks on taking during an in home newborn photography session just outside of Washington DC black and white close up of a newborn baby's foot taken during an in home postpartum photography session in maryland color photo and close up of the back of a newborn baby's head taken during an in home photography session in Maryland close up of a newborn baby girl's face being held by her mother taken during an in home newborn session in maryland

In Home Newborn sessions are a wonderful alternative to Fresh 48s.  Although some hospitals are starting to open up for the latter (Read the blog post HERE).  Interested in your own session?  Get in touch!

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