linking your pixieset gallery with squarespace

I really want my clients to have a seamless experience when they choose me as their photographer. Ideally, I want everything for them to be in one spot including price lists, contracts, and photo galleries. While I love Squarespace for my website and blog, there really is no option to deliver a digital photo gallery to clients. For this, I have Pixieset (which I love!). It has a beautiful design and is super easy-to-use. The bummer is I’m still technically using two platforms which can be a bit annoying. But, good news! There is a way to link both of your accounts and it’s super simple. This way, your clients wouldn’t even feel like they’re leaving your website to view their proofs. Let me walk you through it!

***You will need to to make sure the Pixieset subscription you have is one where you can add a custom domain/remove Pixieset branding***

Step One: Login to your Squarespace dashboard and choose Settings.


Step Two: Choose Domains.


Step Three: Go to Domains Managed by Squarespace and select the one you want to link your Pixieset account to. (Mine is


Step Four: Select Advanced Settings.


Step Five: Under Custom Records, you will see a few lines like the one circled at the bottom of the above image. In the first empty box (or the “host” box with the “@” in it), you can put in whatever you want your redirect name to be. For example, I want mine to be So in the first box, I put in “gallery.” Some other options could be “client” or “proofs”. It’s whatever you want it to be.


Step Six: In the next box, (the dropdown), choose CNAME.

Step Seven: In the last box, where’s it’s asking for an IP address type this in EXACTLY AS SHOWN: (see my final example. It’s the first line under Custom Records).

Step Eight: Click ADD to add the record.

Step Nine: Login to your Pixieset Account and go to Domain. Under Custom Domain, type in the CNAME record that added in your Squarespace Account. Remember, mine was “gallery”. So my custom domain is Yours would be


THAT’S IT! Now you can send your clients a link to your Pixieset account so that they can view their proof gallery and they’ll think it’s just an extension of your website. You can even change your favicon on your Pixieset account to match the one you use on Squarespace.


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