What to Pack for a Hospital Birth

The big day is inching closer! Are you ready? You’ve got the carseat, the baby’s outfits…but what about stuff for YOU? I haven’t had babies in a while but I still remember vividly wishing I had brought certain things with me that would have made my stay a little easier. Here are some suggestions!
Hospital Gown. These gowns are actually super comfy but the hospital-issue ones can be a little threadbare. If I had known I was allowed to bring my own, I totally would have! Check some of these out! They button down all the way in the back, just like standard gowns, but they come in some pretty adorable patterns and some even have pockets! This particular company also has delivery robes, labor socks, and Mommy & Me swaddle sets—all of which I recommend! Those swaddle sets make especially cute Golden Hour or Fresh 48 outfits. https://www.gownies.com/collections/hospital-gowns
Pillows, Towels, and Blankets. We can all agree hospital pillows and linens aren’t exactly luxurious. I definitely recommend bringing your own from home—Enough for you and your partner. (Sorry, you probably can’t bring your own kitty). Water Bottle & Snacks. I remember being so incredibly thirsty and hungry during both of my hospital stays. I mean, it’s not that crazy considering all the work your body just did. A reusable water bottle, especially one with a straw, is highly recommended. You may also like to bring something like Gatorade or Coconut Water. Snacks like granola bars, dried or fresh fruit, fruit snacks and instant oatmeal cups can also really help curb the cravings in between your hospital meals. (For you and your partner!)  
Bluetooth Speaker. I don’t know about you, but I go a little insane if I go too long without listening to music. If you’re the same way, bring along a small bluetooth speaker to keep nearby. Creating a soothing playlist beforehand to use during labor and recovery can be a big help and can cover up those annoying beeps from the hospital machines.   Essential Oil Diffuser and Your Favorite Scents. While I certainly appreciate the immaculate cleanliness of hospitals, especially in this current public health crisis, the smell of disinfectants can be harsh. An essential oil diffuser can really help with this issue—not to mention all the overall benefits of aromatherapy!   Toiletries and ALL THE CHAP STICK! Your hairbrush, hair ties (why do we always lose these?), toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, nipple cream-if you’re breastfeeding, maybe even make-up for your photos if that’s your thing….and ALL THE CHAPSTICK! Yes. I’ve yelled about chap stick twice now. This was one of those things I desperately needed while I was in the hospital and I never even really use it regularly. I was just so parched and my lips were dry and cracked along with some other body parts (that’s where the nipple cream comes in). This was one of those things I made my husband go get at the gift shop because I just couldn’t stand it. Hey, did I mention? DON’T FORGET THE CHAP STICK.   Comfy PJS. No matter how cute your hospital or comfy your hospital gown is, nothing beats your favorite pair of sweatpants or yoga pants. Your partner would really benefit from bringing their own sleepwear, as well!    
Do they have these PJs for people? Because, yes please.  
Bikini or Favorite Sportsbra/Swimsuit Bottom. Hydrotherapy during labor can be really useful. Read more about that on my blog post here. So, you may want to hang out in the shower or birthing tub a whole lot! Obviously, you don’t have to wear anything at all-but some people may feel more comfortable with something on, especially if you’re choosing to be in the shower with a birthing ball. Sometimes, just a tank and favorite pair of gym shorts will work great!   Your birth plan. This one is very important-especially now that your doula may not be able to be in the room with you. Even if you know your birth plan by heart and backwards, it’s helpful to have physical copies to keep nearby so that the birth team and your partner have easy access to it.
I hope some of these come in handy for you! Was there anything you found especially helpful during labor and/or your hospital stay? Reminder that for Spring/Summer Sessions, all birth packages can be secured with a 100% fully-refundable deposit just in case COVID-19 hospital restrictions aren’t lifted by baby’s arrival. **