Why Print Your Photos?

Just last night, my son and I were looking through shoe boxes full of old family photos.   He pored over images of his great-grandparents, my parents as babies,  all the cousins, his aunt….  
When he stumbled upon a picture of me as a teen, he said “Wow! You look just like Madi” (my daughter).   
Then he asked “Why don’t we have pictures of us on paper like this?”


As much as I preach to my clients about getting their images printed and hung on their walls, I just never made it a priority for myself and for my family.  
It’s definitely something I’m going to remedy immediately.  

Trust me, I know how easy it is to snap a few pics on your phone and just trust THE CLOUD to take care of it forever.  Yeah…..no.   

Technology is wonderful but not always the most reliable.  There’s absolutely no guarantee that something crazy won’t happen and you’ll just lose all of those memories forever. 

I already don’t have very many pictures of myself when I was pregnant or nursing my kids –something I regret immensely.    That blog post will come at another time.  Haha. 

So….why should you print your photos?

1. Computers and hard drives get grumpy and fail.  And the ominous “CLOUD.” I don’t know.  I don’t trust that either.    Remember when all your music was on iTunes??? big yikes.

Everyone has a story of a computer or a hard drive crashing.  Imagine losing all of your photos in one fell swoop like that?    Instead, consider getting your photos printed.  There are so many options!  You can make albums, photo books, or just loose prints in a shoebox.   Put everything in a fireproof box and rest easy knowing those tangible memories are safe.    

Plus, you always have the option to scan them if you wanted!

2. How Often Do You Actually Look at the Photos on Your Phone?

Honestly.  Do you scroll all the way down in Google Photos to find those important ones?  I know I have to scroll through tons of memes & screenshots before I get to the good stuff. 

Are your photos nicely organized on your computer is one central location?  Or are you like me and have 45 different folders in 789 different places. 
But imagine having an album or a beautiful, engraved photo box on your coffee table with all of your favorite images from your session in one place.   There’s just nothing like physically holding these images in your hands. 

3. Unique Wall Art & Decor

It just looks nice.  Get a frame to match whatever vibe or style you having going on in your house.  Make a gallery wall.  While I love generic prints and wall art from Home Goods, I’d much prefer something more unique & personal.  What better than your own family photos?


It’s very important to me that beautiful, hand-crafted luxury artwork are made available for all of my clients.  There’s really nothing like holding that album or print in your hands instead of just looking at them on a screen.   Take a look at some of the heirloom products I offer HERE